Black lives matter

  • The Radical Tradition of Student Protest

    by Mike Jirik

    The student protests against anti-black racism at UNC Chapel Hill are part of a long history of student protest against racism that includes individuals like John Brown Russwurm. 

  • Colin Kaepernick and the Myth of the ‘Good’ Protest

    by Glenda Gilmore

    Rosa Parks was a hero. So were the students who sat in at the Woolworth lunch counters. But they knew that their heroism was possible only because of decades of what Ella Baker called “spade work.”

  • 100 years ago African-Americans marched down 5th Avenue to declare that black lives matter

    by Chad Williams

    One hundred years later, as black people continue to insist that “Black Lives Matter,” the “Silent Protest Parade” offers a vivid reminder about the power of courageous leadership, grassroots mobilization, direct action and their collective necessity in the fight to end racial oppression in our current troubled times.

  • Why Black Lives Matter Still Matters

    by Peniel E. Joseph

    Three years after BLM launched a nationwide uprising against police violence, what's next for the movement?