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  • Originally published 12/21/2016

    1914 Christmas truce "not a one-off" says Scots historian

    Historian Thomas Weber, of the University of Aberdeen, has uncovered evidence that festive meetings continued throughout the war, with a significant number in 1916 despite the huge casualties suffered in the Battle of the Somme.

  • Originally published 12/21/2016

    The History You Know Is Wrong

    Josh Marshall

    Why World War 1 started. No, the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand was not the reason.

  • Originally published 01/25/2016

    WW1 Era U-Boat Discovered off British Coast

    The German submarine, which had been missing in action for more than a century, was found during a detailed scan of the seabed for windfarm development.

  • Originally published 02/03/2015

    How deadly was the poison gas of WW1?

    Marek Pruszewicz

    The first major gas attack in war occurred 100 years ago this weekend, in what is now Poland. Gas soon became a routine feature of trench warfare, horrifying soldiers more than any conventional weapon. But was it actually as deadly as its terrible reputation suggests?

  • Originally published 12/17/2014

    The Christmas Truce: A Sentimental Dream

    Peter Hart

    From the perspective of the freezing-cold trenches the idea of the season of peace and goodwill seemed surrealistic. Yet parcels and Christmas gifts began to arrive in the trenches and there was a strange atmosphere in the air.