News at Home

  • Trump's Budget Proposal Reveals His Values

    by Lawrence Wittner

    It is often said that government budgets are “an expression of values.”  Those values are clear in the Trump administration’s $4.8 trillion budget proposal for 2021, unveiled early this February.

  • A Founder of American Religious Nationalism

    by Katherine Stewart

    Christian nationalism today is a political movement, and its primary goal is power. Its ultimate aim, formulated by R.J. Rushdoony, is to replace our modern constitutional Republic with a “biblical” order that derives its legitimacy not from the people but from God and the Bible – or, at least, the God and the Bible that men like Rushdoony claimed to know.

  • Who Killed Ralph Featherstone?

    by Peter Levy

    Reopening the investigation of the bombing deaths of Ralph Featherstone and William Payne at the fiftieth anniversary of the crime will shed further light on the dangers of unchecked government agencies and the shortcomings of the fifth estate.

  • The Conservative Case for Moving Forrest's Bust

    by Michael Nelson

    To the extent that the arguments of both Forrest’s liberal critics and conservative defenders are valid, the debate about how to remember him is a hard one to resolve. But are the arguments of his defenders valid? I’m a conservative who’s not so sure.

  • The Left is Back!

    by Walter Hixson

    Whether Bernie Sanders goes on to win the nomination, which appears increasingly likely, the left has risen and it is not likely to recede anytime soon.

  • When Anti-Lynching Law Was a Tool of Oppression

    by Guy Lancaster

    Arkansas used its ostensible “anti-lynching” law to transform the “bad violence” of the mob into the “good violence” of the state, to transform lynching into officially sanctioned execution.

  • Is Bernie the New George McGovern?

    by Michel A. Genovese

    One can see close parallels between the 1972 presidential contest and that of 2020. Those parallels do not bode well for Bernie Sanders or the Democrats.